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This website is dedicated to honoring the life of Kendall Michelle Daigle, who influenced so many lives through her compassion, enthusiasm and artistic talents. Her smile alone could lift anyone's spirits and her kind actions would go far beyond that. Our hope is that through her words that light will reach out to many people, far and wide.

Behind her multicolored hair, her sweet smile, and her gentle voice she was so much more than a timelessly beautiful face. She was a writer, and artist, a giver, a free spirit, a daughter, a sister, a friend to many, and an inspiration to even more. But, our dear Kendall was a wayward soul, a wanderer of the earth. She was always searching for that missing piece; a troubled heart eclipsed by a beautiful spirit. Not the least bit hesitant to show herself to the world, her novel A Soul Under Construction is the first volume to her past, present, and future dreams for herself. Written in her truest, most vulnerable, words. We thank you for being you, Kendall Michelle.




180 pages
5.25” x 7.5”
Edition of 750

Risograph printing
Erik Kiesewette
of Constance

Yuka Petz of SIFT

Benjamin Morris

Book Cover
Sage Rose


In memory of Kendall Michelle Daigle.  March 28, 1994 - March 19, 2014.